Remodeling and Home Design

madelyn fitzsimmons

Madelyn is our young Interior Decorator with an eye for style. Growing up in Northern California aspiring to be a model in the fashion industry, she initially went to school for communications. When she moved to Hawaii to be with her husband and realized the fashion industry wasn't for her, she got a job with a vacation rental service in a Real Estate office to see if she would enjoy a career in Real Estate. After loving the Real Estate environment, she decided the first thing she was going to do when she moved was get her Real Estate License. After a year of working Real Estate full time, she realized she was more passionate about Interior Decorating and Design. Now, after 2 years of studying Communications, she will be finishing her degree in Interior Design.

Madelyn’s supreme knowledge of trends, her outgoing bubbly personality and her passion for decorating and design is everything you need when it comes to envisioning your dream house. She is very well rounded and knows intricate details about how to make your home the style YOU want. Madelyn truly feels that if your house looks good, you will feel good.

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